Term Insurance and Estate Planning: Ensuring Smooth Transitions

We all plan for our future in different ways. Estate planning is one such financial strategy often considered a practice amongst the wealthy. However, it is an effective practice for all individuals at any income level. The end goal of estate planning is to distribute all your valuable assets well amongst your family members or friends after your demise. Term insurance, a type of life insurance, can be highly valuable

Know why life insurance is essential for the secure future of your loved ones

Uncertainty is the only certain and constant when it comes to life, personal health and wealth. Therefore, to relax your mind when it comes to life and health, you can avail a life insurance policy based on your needs. A life insurance policy is a deal between the insured or the policyholder and the insurance service provider. In a life insurance policy, the insurance service provider is liable to pay

Best Health Insurance Tips for Startups and SMEs in India

The Indian economy is booming with new-age startups and small and medium enterprises. These organisations utilise the best of technology, materials and other resources available. However, finding and retaining the best human talent is still very difficult. In the endeavour to retain the best talents, lucrative perks are being offered by startups and other small organisations. One of the perks is health insurance for the employees. The biggest benefit of

Checklist: Get Your Car Road Trip Ready

After spending months at home due to the pandemic, people have now slowly started venturing out. While the virus is still at large, with the right precautions, it is safe enough to travel now. While public transport may not yet be your best bet, you can use your car for getting to your holiday destination. But for that, ensure that you prepare your vehicle well for a great holiday! Before

Stay Away From These Third Party Bike Insurance Traps

A very popular way of getting scammed in this country is by buying a fake insurance policy. Later when the individual realizes that the policy he or she brought is fake, he starts facing issues. Moreover, until they make a claim, the individual does not even realize that he or she has been conned. One should, therefore, definitely save themselves from such problems and avoid the fake policy traps by


For the longest time, people have always purchased whole life insurance as compared to term life insurance. However, as people continue understanding how term life insurance works, more and more people are purchasing it. In this article, we look at the reasons why term life insurance is becoming more popular. Let’s delve into specifics. It is less expensive Generally, term life insurance has cheaper rates as compared to whole life

How to choose the right car insurance for your Maruti car

There are millions of Maruti cars running on the Indian roads today but most of the people don’t know an amazing fact about Maruti – Maruti Udhyog Limited was established in the year 1981, by the Government of India. And later it was merged with the Japanese automobile manufacturer – Suzuki Motor Corporation, this is how it got the name ‘Maruti Suzuki’. From the famous ‘Maruti 800’ to the rockstar

Learn How to Buy LIC Term Plans

In the recent times, term insurance plans have become quite popular. But should that be the reason for you to go ahead and buy a policy? Certainly not. As is the case with anything, you need to assess if the policy fits into your needs and requirements list. To understand the same, knowing what a term plan is a great starting place. An LIC term plan or any term plan

How Can Insurance Help You When Disaster And Accident Happens?

Why is it essential to be insured? How can it assist you sooner or later? What are the insurance policies you want? These are the questions we’ve ever time we’re provided an insurance coverage. There are lots of elements that may have an effect on our determination with regards to insurance coverage. One other query that is crucial is, are these insurance coverage coverage and firm legit? It is extremely

Things You Should Consider While Buying Two Wheeler Cover

A motorcycle is among the most prized possessions individuals personal in India. For some it is a image of prosperity and whereas different see it as probably the most precious asset to commute day by day or carry out their duties in direction of household or mates. Bike is the best method to commute and doubtless probably the most environment friendly additionally. However defending our bikes from unlucky incidence like