Brokers Need More Creativity to Help Contain Healthcare Costs

It is a given that employer healthcare costs will go up with every plan year. It is just the nature of the beast. But in recent years, with the economy pinching employee wallets so tightly, employers find themselves at a crossroads with their health plans. Most are uncomfortable with passing higher costs on to already struggling employees. Yet at the same time, absorbing the higher costs threatens company margins. What

Investing in the Green Revolution: The Future of Energy

Investing in the Green Revolution: The Future of Energy *Presented by Trustly.PRO – Your Premier High-Tech Investment Platform* Summary: In a world grappling with the urgent need for sustainable solutions, the energy sector stands at the forefront of change. As nations rally to combat climate change and transition to cleaner alternatives,, a visionary investment platform, explores the landscape of the Green Revolution. From renewable powerhouses to innovative technologies, this

7 Insider Secrets How to Sell Gold Jewellery For Cash

Without a doubt, selling gold for cash is an excellent opportunity to make money. In 2001 was only worth $260, an ounce of gold have gone above $2,000! Before selling gold for some cash there are some insider secrets that will be helpful for you to know. Identify the purity of gold Most countries require that any gold sold  show the fineness or the karat value of the gold. So


In today’s world, digital maturity is the key to handling the changing marketplace and achieving a competitive advantage in retail. In 2020, the covid 19 pandemic disrupted the brick and mortar businesses, and many had to close temporarily, which would see companies experience huge losses. That saw an increasing number of businesses and consumers online, bringing forth new expectations and more competition in retail. If you own a retail business,

Essential Elements of an Employee Handbook

Employee handbooks promote a positive culture within your organization. They set the tone and establish expectations equally across all levels. What are the essential elements of an effective handbook? Let’s break it down. The Basics The purpose of handbooks, staff manuals, or whatever you choose to call them, is to orient employees to your company and its policies. It should contain all the information every employee needs to know on

5 Difference Between Base Salary & Total Compensation

Salaried employees are paid a fixed amount each payday. This amount is called “base salary.” Depending on your employment agreement, your base salary may not represent your total compensation. This would happen if you receive benefits or other types of payments in addition to your base salary. The salary employees are the ones who are paid regularly within the period of fixed tenure. Depending on the employment of the agreement

Amazing Hacks On How To Travel Light For Every International Trip

For any globetrotter, packing light is a must. With a small pack, you would not only be able to enjoy longer, easier treks but also be able to rush to catch that last train. But if you are not a packing ninja yet, worry not, here are a few tips – some obvious, others not so – to help you pack ultra-light but at the same time not miss out

Reliable Business Solution QuickBooks Online Hosting

Self-employment is on the rise, and more people than ever are owning their own businesses and pursuing freelance work over traditional nine-to-five jobs. Nontraditional workers in America rose 36 percent over the ten year period between 2005 and 2015. While the allure of being your own boss may sound exciting, realistically it’s hard to do everything yourself. Just because you decided to pursue your passion selling homes or managing a

Benefits of Email marketing

Have you thought of the best way to take your business to the next level? Well, marketing is always the answer to that. Without marketing, people may never learn about your existence, and they cannot shop from you if they have no idea about your existent. However, marketing is not the only thing you need; an effective marketing strategy is. You must invest in an approach that guarantees you quick,

How Your Pharmacy Can Benefit from Management Assessment

Pharmacy technology can help many businesses determine which medicines work for their patients. It will allow them to stay competitive in the pharmaceutical industry. Medicine is a $68 billion-dollar industry that can benefit from the use of technology and assessment. They can keep track of new medicines that have proven to be successful while monitoring others that have been reported as having adverse side effects. A pharmacy should let their